Cosmetic Surgery Popularity Abroad

Everyone inplastic surgery around the world the connected world knows just how common cosmetic surgery is in the United States. Every social class in the states seems to get their fill of the surgeries, from do it yourselfers to stay at home moms and competitive basket weavers. What might come as a surprise however, is just how popular some of these same treatments are in foreign nations. Our southern neighbors in Mexico, as an example, are the biggest users of bariatric surgery in the world – you’d think weight loss surgery was only an American trend.

How Its Done Down Under

The reputation of australian breast lifts and implants has spread across the outback and the ocean, pulling in millions for the economy from American surgical outsourcers flying to the country for the famous procedures. The korean surgeons are without a doubt the folks to speak to about anything regarding the face, but those Aussies know their way to making picture perfect boobs. Down under the demand for breast implants is surprisingly massive, and Australian surgeons have gained more than a knack at meeting the demand with amazing and well known results.

Don’t ever sign up with the first doctor you come into contact with, find the absolute best for your surgery if you want your dream outcome to become a reality. The following list will be somewhat of an eyeopener for some, and we hope that it might throw to you the idea of outsourcing your cosmetic surgery to the most appropriate nation and culture.

Thailand’s Reputation

Some the lower end surgeons are famous for preventing almost all scar formation, and they’re all great at what they do. In the fiercely competitive business, social, and schooling worlds of Thailand there’s always room for improvement in any facet of your spheres of living. By adopting the constant improvement mind set their culture demands, many Thai peoples coincidentally see a decline in their physical appearance and require a little improvement now and again. No surprise, the most popular cosmetic surgery in thailand is the liposuction procedure. And while you might not initially think of this location as the best to find a talented liposuction surgeon its actually the best place for it in the world.

Staying Number 1

Koreans arekorean cosmetic surgery the most likely people to receive a plastic surgery and have the most procedures per capita anywhere in the world, and by quite a large margin. If you’re looking for the best in skill and precision for your surgery, Korea might be the place for you, just do a Google search and you’ll see the results of their doctors. The outcomes of the Korean surgeries are almost reality defining at times, even the street ads are amazing to see just how much they can alter someone’s appearance. Obviously the best costs the most, especially if you choose to operate in the famous Gangnam region where doctors are known to charge tens of thousands for even minor procedures.

Mediterranean Masterpiece

The most typical demand of the surgeons in Greek Isles? The ever popular breast lift and the penis enlargement procedure. Its curious that a country such as Greece appears on our list, with their current state of market value and other chaos you’d think looking good would be the last thing on their minds. Even more surprising is that Greece actually comes in second on the list of most cosmetic surgeries performed, topped only by South Koreas cosmetic masses. The Globalization of the world’s different cultures and industries make major shifts and upsets like this possible – seeding unexpected industries into new nations.

05 Apr 2014