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Bitcoins and Traditional Currencies
It’s perfectly true that Bitcoin is disrupting certain industries, including the banking industry. The only thing that slows the implementation of Bitcoin as a reliable and secure payment system is that it’s not regulated. This makes people skeptical about its long-term existence. That’s why people still prefer traditional currencies. But what are the differences between Bitcoin and traditional currencies: let check them out: Bitcoin is more durable than traditional paper currencies One characteristic of Bitcoin
Characteristics of Bitcoin

5 Key Characteristics of Bitcoin

Posted on March 25, 2018
Without a doubt, Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency out there. However, even with its popularity, many people know little about it. They watch and listen to talk shows about it and read it on print and websites, but they have never grasped how it works. If you’re thinking of investing in Bitcoins, extensive knowledge of Bitcoin will help you succeed quickly. But first, you must know its characteristics before going deeper. Here are the
Bitcoin Regulation

3 Main Advantages of Bitcoin Regulation

Posted on March 22, 2018
While Bitcoin Promises to be the solution to the international money transfer issue, people are still afraid to implement it because of one reason: It’s not regulated. Regulation is whereby a government or concerned authority makes rules to control how something is undertaken or the way that people behave. However, at the moment, Bitcoin is not regulated, and most governments across the world have not been able to control the acquisition and use of Bitcoin.